Ferrari California T

Car details

No one will not dare to call Ferrari CaliforniaT just a car. It’s a natural aircraft! Your own Boeing with 560 horsepower inside the 8-cylinder turbo engine and a folding hard top.
Sharpened body details, hollow flowing hood and massive back fenders make this model look like a graceful predator. Unique rims and front optics design add even more temper, and what’s obvious for any Ferrari car, everyone is forced to let their glance dwell on it and follow it flashing by.
Only 14 seconds is enough for Ferrari California T to transform into a luxury coupe or a romantic cabriolet.
California T is surprisingly responsive in driving: even a smoothest motion of the hand is making the auto change the direction immediately. The car obeys you as if it could read your mind, and it always stays reliable even during the sharpest bend in a road.
The interior and the hardware deserve special attention. Once you are inside the car, you never want to leave it. Seat covering of a premium class is literally embracing passengers, while the interior decorations flatter the eyes and impress with the quality and punctuality of all its elements. Steering wheel with built-in control buttons and a 3-section dashboard with an honorable center place for the tachometer adjoin with the unique sensor display made for total control over every single engine function.

Model: Ferrari
Body type: Coupe
Engine: Gasoline
Power: 560 hp
Transmission: Automatic
Color: Gray
Passengers: 2
Price: € 1 200.00 per day
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