A team of Real Estate Experts: 45 sales departments in Spain

Rusol Prime is not only professionals in their field, whose value is supported by specialized education and good CVs, but also by personal qualities. We work only with talented, educated, adequate people who know how to constantly improve themselves and keep up with the times. Competent team management is an art whose roots go back to ancient civilizations. No matter how many people are on your team and no matter how different they are, they should have one common motive. In the company, such a motive is a sincere belief that our work is aimed at a good cause.


Benefits of cooperation with our company

  • Individual selection and full support of all types of transactions with residential and commercial real estate;
  • Our holding includes Thirsa: a company authorized by the Bank of Spain, which is engaged in appraisal and expertise and employs experts certified by the Royal Institute of Certified Surveyors (RICS) and certified appraisers (REV);
  • We have the best cooperation agreements with banking institutions;
  • We guarantee the provision of information and advice on your mortgage loan. No obligation and completely free;
  • Our network spans 9 lines of business and over 45 sales teams that serve our customers in over 10 languages;
  • Business Management and Project Management;
  • Investments and taxes;
  • Legal support and highly qualified lawyers;
  • Development and Due Diligens;
  • Architecture and Construction;
  • Direct communication with developers throughout Spain;
  • Banking sector;
  • Family office;
  • Financial consultant and business consulting;
  • VIP consulting and support on organizational issues of family and business
  • Investor's "Golden Visa" when buying real estate.


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Ruslan Gavrilov
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