Family office in Spain

Family asset management

Rusol Prime real estate agency in Spain will help you start your business in Spain without experience. Our experts will help you open a family business on favorable terms.

Having solid capital, people often have to make responsible decisions on financial, tax, legal, business and other important issues, on the correct decision of which the future of their loved ones depends. But what if you are not an economist or businessman with extensive experience, and your professional interests are far from the sphere of investment? In Spain, as in many other civilized countries, a group of specialists providing a service called "Family Office" acts as an assistant in such situations. Their mission is to offer tailor-made solutions for every family or business group interested in maintaining and increasing their current assets.

Family business in Spain with Rusol Prime

For these purposes, Rusol Prime real estate agency uses a holistic multidisciplinary management methodology, which combines financial and other consulting, the overall goal of which is to constantly control capital, as well as to achieve maximum return on investment and protection from financial risks. A family office in Spain makes it possible to start and develop a family business in a short time. Possessing information about the size of the family capital, your future patrimonial manager will take upon himself all the coordination and management of the activities of various specialists and organizations on which the safety of finances and compliance with laws depend.

Your "Family Office" in Spain is:

Strategic and tactical planning for financial portfolio management
Planning and organizing real estate inheritance
Business inheritance decisions
Carrying out corporate transactions
Protection of family property and its transfer from generation to generation

Rusol Prime agency assistance with family office issues in Spain

Rusol Prime has been specializing in inheritance management for individuals, families and financial institutions for several years. We work only as an independent intermediary company, managing exclusively the assets of Spanish and international investors who trust us.

Real estate market research, selection, acquisition and asset management;

Legal, tax and financial advice in the area of ​​wealth management, estate planning and diversification;
Assistance in the selection of banking and insurance products;
Manages risks, creating a structure for maintaining and increasing assets;
Assist in the implementation of business projects, provide support on issues related to real estate, etc .;
Prompt interaction with all authorities in Spain and other countries
direct communication with the expert - the managing partner of Rusol Prime (negotiations in Russian, English and Spanish);
Solving everyday issues such as maintaining a yacht or organizing a birthday party.
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