Sale and transfer of business in Spain

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Sale and transfer of business in Spain

Spain is considered one of the most favorable European countries for starting and doing business. Spanish law does not differentiate between Spaniards, residents and non-residents when it comes to starting a business and buying profitable assets. If the issue of starting a business is resolved, you should move on to solving two practical problems: which business is profitable in Spain and how much it costs to invest to start a business in Spain.

What business in Spain is considered the most profitable

The most attractive types of business in Spain for foreigners are:

Small business: small hotels, aparthotels, grocery stores, bars, restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons, clothing and footwear stores, car repair shops.

Medium business: hotel business; coliving, co-working, development, construction companies; agencies for the sale and rental of real estate.

It should be borne in mind that each type of business has its own characteristics. For example, the service sector is considered to be very labor intensive and with a low level of profitability. At the same time, it also differs in sufficient stability. Shops, hairdressers, restaurants, workshops are open all year round.

Buying a ready-made business in Spain is called "traspaso" - traspaso. In this case, you do not acquire ownership of the property itself, but only buy all existing equipment and machinery. You have the right to keep working personnel in the company. Together with the firm, your clientele, brand name (if you wish), reputation, licenses, suppliers, etc. go to you. However, the premises where the company is located (bar, hairdresser, office, etc.), as a rule, belongs to a third party for whom you will become a new tenant.

Buy a ready-made business in Spain

For more than twenty years, our company has specialized in the sale of ready-made businesses in Spain. If you are going to purchase real estate as an asset, which means buying a ready-made business in Spain in order to immediately receive a stable income from your investments, we recommend purchasing such objects through us. We offer retail space with anchor tenants, office and shopping centers, restaurants, buildings, shops, parking lots, gas stations, hotels and hotels with management companies and much more. We are ready to find the best option for you for a profitable ready-made business in Spain. In our database of objects (online and offline), only verified and studied offers with a high profitability of up to 10% per annum.

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