Franchising in Spain

Rusol Prime offer consulting services to customers interested in purchasing a franchise in Spain. Our team will provide you with detailed information on financial and legal aspects of franchising in this country and offer the most suitable for you options.

Franchising is a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to start a business in Spain using an already well-known trademark and a proven business strategy with all its tools and resources. The numbers speak for themselves about the demand for this model - every year, up to 1,500 Spanish entrepreneurs make a choice in its favor. The interest of local and foreign businessmen is also confirmed by the presence of the Spanish Franchise Association and the annual franchise fairs - the largest are held in Madrid and Valencia. According to experts, the most promising sector for franchisees was, is and will be the service sector - restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, beauty salons and mobile communications, travel and real estate agencies. Rusol Prime provides consulting services to clients interested in acquiring a franchise in Spain. We will provide you with detailed information on the financial and legal aspects of the issue and will provide practical assistance in finding the best options in any area of ​​activity. The basis for the conclusion prepared by our experts will be your investment opportunities and wishes, as well as the economic prospects of the region in relation to your chosen industry.

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