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Our team will help you choose the best idea for investment in Spain. We will offer you the most suitable business options, work out a list of the best franchising companies, development projects and investment funds according to your personal needs. Our experts will also recommend you what shares and securities to acquire.

Spain is a country where you can not only relax, but also earn money. The opportunity to invest in projects related to various sectors of the economy is open by law, both for local entrepreneurs and foreign ones. According to statistics, the main financial flows from abroad in recent years have been directed to the sectors of financial services, manufacturing, real estate, construction, and transport. Understanding the important role of foreign investment in the development of production and the creation of new jobs, the state is doing everything to make foreign businessmen feel comfortable here. One of the most significant examples is the adoption in September 2013 of the Law 14/2013 on the support of entrepreneurs and their internationalization, which, among other things, makes it easier for investors from other countries to obtain residence permits in Spain. However, knowledge of the legal basis for doing business in Spain is, although essential, but not the only guarantee of the success of your future company. It is equally important to understand the structure of the Spanish economy or to navigate the culture of doing business, influenced by history, traditions and the specifics of the local mentality. Rusol Prime consultants help their clients identify investment ideas in Spain. Having analyzed your desires, opportunities and the current situation on the market, we will give you an opinion on the most priority forms of entrepreneurial activity, answer questions on taxation, prepare a list of the most promising franchisor companies, development projects and investment funds. Also in the competence of our specialists - recommendations on the acquisition of shares of companies or securities issued by government organizations.

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