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Experienced and highly qualified lawyers, notaries and translators we work with allow us provide you with the best solutions on how to launch your own business in Spain.

If you are thinking about opening or buying a business in Spain, the first step is to get competent legal advice on issues related to the organizational and legal forms of doing business. The choice of one form or another is influenced by various factors - the type of residence of the founder, his financial capabilities, the direction of the business. Citizens of a country or residents who want to try their hand at small business owners often register as Autonomo. The status of an individual entrepreneur in Spain implies easy registration, an economical tax system and guaranteed social protection. If we take entrepreneurs from Russia and foreign investors, then for them the most interesting and practical are such organizational and legal forms of enterprises as Sociedad Limitada and Sociedad Anonima. A limited liability company (SL) is suitable for medium-sized businesses, while a joint-stock company (SA) is the most common format for large enterprises. The procedure for registering a company in Spain consists of a number of stages, including the collection, execution and submission of various documents, and interaction with the responsible authorities. To pass it as quickly as possible and with a positive result - contact Rusol Prime. Cooperation with lawyers, notaries and translators with extensive experience in this field makes us not only competent consultants, but also allows us to provide effective practical assistance at all stages of starting a business in Spain for investors from Russia and other European countries.

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