Buying property in Spain becomes more popular

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It is during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic that real estate in Spain (both residential and commercial) is becoming more and more popular among nationals of different countries.

What are the reasons? Commercial properties and apartments in Spain have always been a profitable investment, since the country attracts plenty of tourists who prefer to rent an apartment or a villa instead of a hotel.

Moreover, many investors purchase housing in Spain to resell it and to make a profit by increasing its value, as real estate prices in this country are constantly growing.

That is why during self-isolation and lockdowns, in such an unstable time, more and more people, investors from different countries, are buying villas and apartments (as well as cafes, restaurants, offices, warehouses, etc.) in countries where real estate is a worthy investment.

Can you buy an apartment in Spain remotely? If so, how can you do it?

How is the online home purchase in Spain carried out? How do realestate agents show villas and apartments (as well as commercial properties)? How do buyers choose housing remotely? Can I book an apartment in Spain online?

What is a remote purchase of an apartment in Spain?

Buying an apartment/ villa/ commercial property in Spain remotely is:

  • When a buyer views properties for sale via video calls and communicates with a real estate agent online.
  • In addition, communication with other parties included in the process of buying (banks, expert bureaus, and so on) is carried out by phone or by e-mail.
  • Another option is when a buyer issues a power of attorney for a person who is responsible for a property transaction.

To become the owner of residential or commercial real estate in Spain, you need to choose a property. You do not need to visit the country to do so, since the agents are ready to arrange for you an online viewing of apartments, villas, offices, warehouses and all other types of real estate.

How are online real estate inspection tours in Spain going?

  • First, a realtor looks for several properties to suit your requirements (you tell a realtor what you need in advance). When an agent selects several options for you, you choose the time when these properties will be shown online. We recommend that you choose the time so that no one distracts you in order to take a closer look at the properties.
  • At the agreed time, a real estate agent will make a video call to you (for example, in WhatsApp, Viber or any other messenger) from the chosen properties.

Remote property viewing is not much different from viewing houses and apartments offline, when you are able to see the property with your own eyes, because a real estate agent tries to ensure that the client views the property in as much detail as possible, both inside and outside.

We also recommend you to ask the realtor to show you all facilities and the area adjacent to the building in which you are looking at an apartment, cafe, office, etc.

Can I buy an apartment in Spain remotely? Yes, now many foreign investors prefer to buy a property remotely.

Can I book an apartment in Spain online?

You can book a house or business premise in Spain to purchase it in the future. However, if you are planning to buy a secondary property, then a lot depends on the property owner.

For agreeing to wait a month or two, many owners take a deposit (every owner sets different deposits, for example, it can be either 10% or 30% of the value of the property).

A property can be booked for a certain period. But if after this period you do not buy an apartment, then your reservation will be cancelled, and the property that you have chosen may be bought by someone else.

To book a residential or commercial property, you need to contact a company that sells an apartment, villa, office, restaurant, cafe, warehouse, and so on, and tell the specialist that you want to book a property for a certain period.

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