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We are a leading company in the Spanish real estate market and offer a full set of top-notch real estate services.
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Customer reviews
  • Many thanks to Pavel from the Barcelona office
    Arthur and Maria from Moscow

    Hello, Honestly, I don't like writing reviews. But this time is different, because the guys from the real estate agency Rusol Prime did a really great job and helped us to buy a home and some commercial business.
    I'm a businessman myself, so my wife and I first decided to move to Barcelona, and buy a house, and build a business there to get passive income. Many thanks to Pavel from the Barcelona office, he helped us a lot as well as like other specialists...

  • Dreams do come true and the Rusol Prime company rendered us invaluable assistance in this.
    Marc and Laura from Belgium

    We’d like to thank the Rusol team. They helped to find a really great option near Marbella. Everything we wanted and dreamed about. Laura helped us make our dream come true. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends in Belgium and Switzerland, where we are from and to everyone who wants to move to Spain

  • Many thanks to the entire Rusol team and especially the management
    Ratmir from Kyrgyzstan

    During the lockdown when the borders of almost all countries were closed, I decided to take advantage of the situation and bought a commercial space near Marbella through Rusol.
    With their help, I became the owner of a small commercial complex with a hotel right in the golf - club (I must say, I was very lucky with the price and location of the property). The team did a great job, they even managed to arrange a meeting for me in the municipality to talk about joint cooperation with the...

  • The team coped with the task and offered us a great option
    Marcus and Victoria from Venezuela

    My wife and I were looking for an apartment in Madrid for a very long time to move to this city with our family. We have three children.
    We contacted Rusol Prime. The task that we set for the team was not easy, since we needed not just an elite apartment in the best, prestigious area in Madrid, but a home with good neighbors, as well as the best schools and the top-notch infrastructure.
    I have to say that the team coped with the task and offered us a great option. I really enjoyed...

  • Working with this team was really easy and enjoyable.
    Tom from London

    We really enjoyed working with the Rusol Prime team. Their realtor helped us choose a great apartment where we planned to spend our winter and summer holidays. Now every year we go to the Costa Blanca on holiday in Orihuela Costa.
    Here we play golf, which we have always loved. That is actually one of the reasons why we chose Orihuela Costa as a place where to buy an apartment.
    I appreciated the fact that the company has an individual approach to every client. They did their best...

  • Thank you for our great holiday apartment!
    Anastasia and Evgeniy Komarsky

    We’re extremely satisfied with working with Rusol Prime and how they helped us with our holiday apartment on the Costa Dorada. It was a real pleasure to work with them. They really tried their best and provided us with the best options that suited our requirements. They also helped us with some paperwork. So we had an awesome holiday and we’ll be happy to work with Rusol Prime again.

  • Thanks a lot for my new home in Spain!
    Lily Nikolaeva

    I’ve been working with Rusol Prime for a quite long time. First, they helped me buy an apartment in Spain, then redesign it. And after moving to Spain, I contacted them for different minor issues. Their multi services really helped me adopt to new country and now I can say for sure that I feel at home here. Thank you so much!

  • Perfect concierge services with the Holiday package from Rusol Prime
    Petr and Nadezda Kvashin

    Our family like to spend holidays in Spain and we used to arrange our holiday on our own. So we used to book an accommodation, tickets and etc. But now we just use concierge services with Holidays package at Rusol Prime and we have nothing to worry about. With Rusol Prime, we can be sure that we will have a great holiday and nothing will go wrong.

  • Many thanks to Amir for helping with choosing a university!
    Vladimir Paratov

    I’d like to thank Amir from Rusol Prime for his help in choosing my university in Spain and applying to it. Amir helped my choose the uni, prepare all the documents, apply for a course and get a student visa. With Rusol Prime I managed to become a student of Barcelona University! Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks for helpwing us with Golden Visa!
    Maria and Petr Kulis

    With Rusol Prime, we got our Golden visas without any problems. First, we bought a wonderful villa and then applied for a visa. Many thanks to Anastasia who helped us with all the paperwork. She saved our time and efforts. Can’t say how grateful we are.

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Why buy your property in Rusól Prime?

About Spanish real estate agency Rusól Prime Rusól

Prime Agency is a team of professional experts, agents and brokers in the residential and commercial property market in Spain, who have more than 30 years of painstaking, but not unsuccessful work behind them. A team that unleashes all its creativity to achieve a single goal. Objectives, at which service and quality, quality and service of services exceeded the expectations of the most demanding client. And where the very quality of services is guaranteed by time. You set goals - we solve problems. And we do not just solve them, but we solve them on a turnkey basis. You order - we execute. We offer you a proven investment object, clean as a "baby's tear" and liquid as a Goya painting. We offer - the decision is yours.

You set goals - we solve problems. And we do not just solve them, but we solve them on a turnkey basis. You order - we execute. We offer you a proven investment object, clean as a "baby's tear" and liquid as a Goya painting. We offer - the decision is yours.

      The Spanish real estate agency Rusól Prime offers our clients to choose an apartment or a house in one of the best residential complexes in Spain

The specialists of our agency will help you choose and buy a suitable property in any city in Spain in compliance with all legal regulations. We care about our clients, therefore we are focused on finding and helping with the purchase of the property that is most profitable for you. …

We have experienced the worst crisis in the history of Spain. But we resisted. This was facilitated by excellent relations with: banks, construction companies, auditors ... We are appreciated, we are trusted, we are valued! The cohesion of the team, its determination made it possible to preserve the intellectual capital in difficult times. Today, we are ready for any challenge, for any political, social and economic upheaval. And this is an absolute plus for our relationship with you.

Do we have enough experience? No doubt about it. In the last 20 years alone, our agency has sold more than 15,000 real estate objects. Among them there are 33 hotels, 220 shops and restaurants, 51 investment contracts. Investment business consulting, business creation and support, architecture, design and construction, banking sector, tax, family and immigration law, education, medicine, sports and tourism - this is not a complete list of knowledge, experience and skills that Rusol Prime specialists possess. Our presence is not limited to such large centers as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Alicante and Malaga. The geography of Rusol Prime's activities covers all the most famous regions of Spain, be it Catalonia, Costa Blanca, Marbella, or Seville, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza. Rusol Prime is a Spanish real estate agency, which is why we offer reasonable prices in relation to the level and volume of support provided to our clients in real estate transactions.

As a "red line" we highlight a special, universal service - the Family Office. Family office, management and capital growth! Honesty, decency, confidentiality are indispensable attributes, without which we cannot see the existence of our agency itself.

How to buy property in Spain with Rusól Prime

Experts of the Rusol Prime real estate agency are ready to assist in finding a suitable object, its design and implementation of investment investments. You can become our client and get advice on buying real estate right now by leaving a request on the website. We will help you choose the most suitable option according to your criteria and profitably buy property in Spain quickly and easily.

We never "slam the door"! Our doors are always open!

Expert Team
More than 35 commercial teams at your service in Spain

Rusol Prime Agency offers the skills and experience of its employees in the field of real estate.

The team of the company consists of professionals in their field, talented agents and lawyers, and just adequate people who know how to find an approach to clients.

Benefits of cooperation with Rusol Prime

We select real estate and fully accompany all types of transactions with both commercial premises and residential.

Our network covers 8 areas of activity, offices throughout Spain serving our clients in more than 10 languages.

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