Rental housing prices in Spain declined in January 2021

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Rental housing prices in Spain declined in January 2021

Apartments in many regions of the country can now be rented cheaper by an average of 0.1% on an annualized basis. 

Compared to last year's December, rental rates decreased by 0.9%. The rent drops were observed in seven regions of Spain. They include Catalonia (the rent is 1.6% lower than in December last year), Madrid (minus 1.2%), and the Balearic Islands (minus 2.6%).

You can rent an apartment cheaper than in December 2020 in Andalusia - by 0.6%, in Aragon - by 0.3%, in the Canary Islands - by 0.2%, in Valencia - by 0.4%.

However, in some places in Spain, rental housing has become more expensive. The regions with increased rent rates include Navarra (plus 0.4%), La Rioja (plus 1.9%), Castile-La Mancha (+ 1.5%), Extremadur (+ 1%), Galicia and Asturias (+ 1.1%), Castile and Leon (+ 0.9%).

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